Friday, March 16, 2012

bl0gging my1esta???

w0ndering what I wrote 4 de' title,,,
it ain't n0thing...
juz,,, u know???(boring facE)

urm,,,I had always wanted a blog t0 write,,,
but,,, when I have ONE,, I ignore it,,

I feel like writing s0mething,
telling others 'bout it,
but the m0ment the wind0w$ appear$??
I went blank 0R what I want t0 write became,,,
S0METHING else,,,
that is really upsetting me..

there are s0 many things that I want t0 share
but it w0n't p0p in the wind0ws when
I start tapping de' alphabets,
y0u kn0w the feeling,,right??
bl0ggers??? wh0 agrees???

even right n0w,,,I have so many in my mind...
AHAH!!! n0w I kn0w...
I'm lazy??? Hurmm,,could be,,
but I w0n't admit it even if Y0U say s0o...

I'm d0ing many things right n0w,,,
bl0gging while surfing,,
surfing while d0wnl0ading,,
d0wnloading while making my p0werp0int pr0ject,
and watching a reality show...

I'm multihuman d0ing multich0res!!!
uhukz,,,MULTIHUMAN doesn't seem s00o right.
 maybe I'm l0sing my sanity,,,
little by little...

nice sh0ot,,
ok y0u'll be rewarded with a smile,,
thank y0uu...
daa daa!!
byE3X ,,CH0MP2x!!!


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